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Hello! We are NineFiftyNine. We’re a plain-talking, results-oriented Search Engine Marketing Consultancy specialising in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. We will create brand awareness for your business, attract the right visitors to your Website and Social Media profiles and convert them into loyal customers. Quickly, efficiently, with long lasting effects and High ROI! Let's call it Concentrated Search Wisdom...

  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing changed… People are always-on & digitally-connected. To reach the consumer today, you need an agency that understands Digital Marketing in all its shapes & guises.

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  • SEO – Organic Search

    We will build online authority for your brand, make your site more search-engine friendly and we will get your site onto page 1 of Google organically.

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  • PPC – Pay Per Click

    We will create & optimise PPC Campaigns that will attract the right visitors that have the intention to enquire or purchase.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Improve Conversion = Generate More Sales & Revenue.
    Conversion Rate Optimisation increases Revenue & Profit. We will find out why your visitors aren´t converting and then we clear these blockages.

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  • Content Marketing

    We will work with you to understand your audience and market and then will create content strategies to drive traffic and increase visitor engagement. We provide Content Marketing, Outreach Programs and Off-page Campaigns that build your Domain Authority.

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  • Social Media

    We help brands to Listen, Understand and Engage with their Audiences via Social Media. Our aim is to turn an average visitor into Fans and Brand Evangelists whilst simultaneously generating social signals required by Google.

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Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. Marketing has changed. People are always-on, digitally-connected and more savvy than ever. To reach the consumer today, you need an agency that really understands Digital Marketing in all its shapes and guises. We are that agency. We specialise in Digital & Performance Marketing. We call it “Concentrated Search Wisdom”. We start by increasing your online visibility and profitability. We do this via improved rankings in Search Engines, creating awareness on Social Media networks or via Paid Search methodologies. Then we capture and re-direct visitor attention to compelling content like email newsletters, persuasive copy and video. After they engage with your message or story, we then guide them through an optimized sales pathway.

SEO – Organic Search

Our team of SEO experts will increase your Domain Authority, make your site more Search Engine friendly and get your site onto the first page of Google. A site that cost thousands to create but doesn’t get visits is pure vanity and a complete waste of money. You already know that if a site is not in the 1st or 2nd pages of Google, then it might as well not exist. If you are having a hard time getting into dominant positions on Search Engines then contact us. We will get… and keep your site on the first pages of Google.


Pay Per Click is the channel to acquire super targeted clients. You will only show your ads to people who are actively searching for a solution that your product or service matches. It also offers strong ROI because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you can measure the results and make changes in real-time. We will create & optimise PPC campaigns that will attract the right visitors with intention to enquire or purchase. We specialise in Google Adwords, Mobile, ReMarketing and advanced PPC strategies that deliver tangible ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve Conversion Rate = More Sales = More Revenue & Profit

It’s simple logic. But takes experience and a specialist skill-set to deliver. Conversion Rate Optimisation increases Revenue & Profit. Period. But what is Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO? Conversion Rate Optimisation are enhancements that seek to improve your site visitors engagement on important actions like an enquiry or a sale. We will identify why your visitors aren`t converting at the optimal rate and we will then address these blockages. CRO impacts the results of all channels, so after we optimise your conversion path, you will see an uplift in ROI across all channels.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to find, attract and acquire a targeted audience that will help you build your business. We will work with you to understand your audience and market and then will create content strategies to drive traffic and increase visitor engagement. Content Marketing includes Outreach Programs and Off-page Campaigns that build your Domain Authority. It’s well known that high-quality, tailor-made and compelling content creates hooks into your site, increases visitor engagement and leads visitors to your conversion path entry point.

Social Media

Signals generated by genuine Social Media engagement are very important for SEO and Conversion. We help our clients create relationships with their audiences via Social Media and we create off-page campaigns that fully integrate Social Media channels. We help brands listen, understand and engage with audiences via Social Media. Done effectively, this converts normal visitors into fans and brand evangelists whilst simultaneously creating social proof.

Meet the Team

We are a new kind of agency focused in Digital Marketing. We combine an innate understanding of finding and attracting the right potential clients with a goal of turning them into loyal customers and fans of the brand. Search engines and social media networks have no secrets to us. This is why it has been easy for us to help grown our clients businesses. Meet the team that will help bring awareness and grow your brand.

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    Fraser Black

    Fraser Black - Managing Director

    Fraser is a classically-trained, agency-side marketer. His 20 years’ experience via big ATL agencies (Ogilvy & JWT) as well as establishing a UK Top 50 digital agency in London has provided Fraser with a complete marketing skill-set. Fraser made the switch to digital marketing in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. He now boasts 13 years’ experience providing a wide range of digital marketing solutions to clients across multiple sectors.

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    Nikki - Operations Manager

    Nikki heads up our Paid Search Team and Client Services teams. Nikki has a deep knowledge of Paid Search Marketing – from strategy to granular implementation across various channels. Nikki has a background in Content & Graphic Design and is surfing at Muizenberg when not surfing the internet.

happy customers


959 are proactive and knowledgeable. It’s been enjoyable working with them..

Tait Pollack

Head of e-Commerce, Angling

959’s capabilities and expertise are outstanding. They have smart people who work with your company, giving the strategic as well as tactical counsel that makes the online, SEO and interactive advertising campaign planning and implementation process transparent, fun and successful..

George Golding

CEO & Co-Founder, Euphoria Telecom

As an e-Commerce business, SEM was absolutely key to our launch. 959 has been with us from the start and guided us through this very specialised area of our business. They have continued to support us through our many phases of growth and continue to play a key part in our online presence, sales and customer acquisition strategies..

Nick Wallander

Co-Founder, SA

959 has provided Southern Destinations with various Digital and Search Engine Marketing support for the last 5 years. 959 has significant experience in digital and web development and we enjoy having them as a part of our marketing team.

Vanessa Ratcliffe

CEO & Owner, Southern Destinations

959 helped us launch in 2011 and continues to support us with our digital marketing requirements across SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX. Fraser is not your typical agency type… He thinks like a site owner/ entrepreneur and helps us to build and exploit our web assets for profit. Fraser is reliable, experienced and has a solid knowledge of digital marketing within the travel sector. We enjoy working with him and his team at 959.

Neil Ratcliffe

CEO & Owner,

959 are a passionate team of astute professionals who will add value to any business that they get involved in.

Stuart Lee

Freeform Stretch Tents and Canopies



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