Top 20 Mistakes Clients Make With Their Inbound/ Performance Marketing…

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Ok, so just for some fun… I’ve been doing Digital Marketing for 10+ years and these are the common problems we encounter at www.ninefiftynine.net

  1. Poor landing pages.
  2. Getting someone who knows “a bit about design” to design your converting assets when they clearly have no idea about conversion strategy.
  3. Producing weak content that doesn’t stand a chance to engage your audience.
  4. Not implementing goal tracking properly.
  5. Not listening to your agency and then complaining when traffic, rankings and conversion rates drop.
  6. Not having keyword focused content on landing pages.
  7. Running poorly managed PPC campaigns – too many keywords in an ad group that are not targeted or focused or targeting all match types.
  8. Ads that are not customised to the keyword.
  9. Poor banner design.
  10. Not getting to grips with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).
  11. Poor audience targeting.
  12. Not making use of negative keywords.
  13. Not understanding the basic principles of Paid Search yet spending marketing budget on it each month.
  14. Not actually tracking inbound leads properly to get an exact idea of ROI.
  15. Expecting fireworks from a weak product/ service proposition.
  16. Keeping websites that are slow to load and mobile unfriendly.
  17. Being married to an outdated online brand look & feel that affects your online conversion rates.
  18. No understanding of basic on-page SEO and what core factors affect ranking.
  19. Websites with no keyword strategy / inconsistent keyword strategy.
  20. Trying to do AdWords yourself. (We’ve never seen an AdWords campaign that a client set up themselves done properly….)
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On August 15, 2017

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